Candidates for admission to the Department must first satisfy the University entry requirements. The minimum entry requirement is pass at credit level in Senior Secondary School Examination or its equivalent in five subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English Language, which must be obtained in not more than two sittings.


Direct Entry

The minimum requirements are any of the following:

(a)       Passes at HSC or GCE A/L in at least two of the following subjects: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The candidates are also required to have credit level passes which must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Senior Secondary School Examination or its equivalent.

(b)       Pass at Upper Credit level in HND examinations in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.

(c)       First degree holders in other relevant disciplines.



Job opportunities abound in and outside Nigeria for the graduate in the following areas: Iron and Steel, Ceramic (glass, Cement, refractory materials), Oil, Gas and Petrol-Chemical Industries, Defense Industries, Security Industries, Power Generation, Mining Industries, Semiconductor (Microelectronics) Industries, Transportation Industries, Aerospace and Marine Industries, Ministries, Institutes and Academia.



Foundation Courses                                                                                                        0

Laboratory Courses                                                                                                        1

Chemical/Extractive Metallurgy/Manufacturing Processes and Foundry Engineering    2

Physical Metallurgy/Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering                             3

Mechanical /Production Metallurgy/ Engineering Alloys                                                 4

Ceramics Engineering /Coal and Coke Technology                                                        5

Polymer Engineering and Corrosion Engineering/Materials Selection & Design            6

Paper Production Technology                                                                                          7

Special Materials/Electron Microscopy                                                                            8

SIWES / Project